What material is the Cloud Inflatable Air Lounger made from?

The Cloud is made from high grade rip-stop nylon, rip-stop nylon is lightweight, durable and extremely strong.

How to Inflate?

To inflate the Cloud just open 1 of the 2 openings and scoop air in and close. Do the same with the other opening. You may inflate the Cloud by opening one of the openings and run for about 3-4 seconds to quickly inflate the Cloud. This will allow air to flow into the cloud. Once the cloud has some air inside quickly close both openings, and roll inwards to compress all the air inside. Bend the openings in a U shape and close the clasps together. Enjoy!

How to deflate?

To deflate the Cloud undo the clasps, instantly most of the air will be let out, roll it up, bend it in half and pack it in the travel bag until needed next time.

How much weight can the Cloud hold?

The maximum weight is 550 pounds.

Is the cloud Waterproof?

Yes, the Cloud is waterproof and can be used on water.

Where can I use my Cloud?

The Cloud can be used on almost any terrain, from grass, concrete, sand, decks, docks and even on water.

What is the weight and size of the Cloud?

The cloud weighs 1.4kg and its size is 260 x 70 cm when fully inflated.

The size of the Cloud when in the carrying bag is 13.5 x 9.